Why I Paused Being Color Neutral

I learned how to solve the first layer intuitively so I have always been color neutral. I thought this was a good thing but a little while back I noticed my cross times took up a very large chunk of my time. When I was color neutral I just picked a super easy cross and avoided the harder crosses. When I didn’t get any good cases this dropped my time significantly. I also had trouble picking which color to solve in 15 seconds so I didn’t get enough time to plan ahead. Realizing I needed to improve, I looked up some tutorials on how to improve my cross time. They were all on white cross so I practiced my new techniques on white. I decided to force myself to solve the white cross for a few months and I became more creative with my solutions and learned how to solve each case more efficiently. Then when I decided to go back to color neutral every cross seemed so easy! I’m happy to say my cross time is now usually exactly where it should be (unlike any other component of my solves), and I would recommend this exercise to anyone who has always been color neutral and struggles with efficient crosses.

Thoughts? Write them in the comments below or feel free to email me at thatspeedcubergirl@gmail.com. If you enjoyed be sure to give a like and remember to follow me!

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