You Know You’re a Speedcuber When…

Happy Friday! I thought I would have a lighter funnier (ok, Maybe that’s a stretch) post for “fun Friday”.

  • You find yourself practicing algorithms in your head even if you don’t have a cube
  • You take your cube wherever you go
  • You have dreams about speedcubing
  • You know what CFOP is
  • You have a cube next to you right now (I do)
  • You can’t resist solving an unsolved cube
  • You have a metronome app on your phone for F2L
  • You are reading this blog, probably
  • You try to make sentences using only letters in cubing notation
  • You’ve ever been on the WCA website
  • When you’re teacher says rubric you think there saying Rubik’s and you perk up (just me? ok)
  • You have several twisty puzzles
  • When people talk about there sport achievements and you’re over there like I can solve a cube in 14 seconds
  • You’re always saving up for a new cube
  • People call you, “The person that can solve a Rubik’s cube really fast”

Thoughts? Write them in the comments below or feel free to email me at If you enjoyed be sure to give a like and remember to follow me!

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