Clock Should Be Removed From WCA Instead of Feet

I would like to preface this by saying that I do not practice clock or feet and this is my unbiased opinion. Let me know if there is information I am missing. In my opinion Clock should be removed as an event instead of Feet. The reasons being as following:

1. Clock isn’t a twisty puzzle

Unlike pretty much other event in the WCA the clock puzzle isn’t a twisty puzzle (in my opinion). It doesn’t have sides or faces or cubies and is wildly different than all the other puzzles. Magic, similarly different from all other puzzles was removed (I understand that it was because there is only one solution and stuff but still) There aren’t really a lot of different brands and types of clocks to explore either. Mainly the LingAo Magic Clock is used.

2. Feet isn’t that weird

We have other unique ways to solve a 3×3 that are an event. Blind, One handed, and Fewest moves. Feet isn’t that much different than one handed in my opinion.

3. Should We Actually Remove an Event?

I don’t think we really should remove an event. Maybe not include Feet in nationals or something like that but removing an event all together seems unfair to the experts in that event. If we were to remove an event however, I would choose clock over Feet.

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