One Cat’s View on Speedcubing

This post is written from the perspective of my cat, Zoey, to other cats. I hope you enjoy. Also, “hooman” is funny misspelling on “human” because a cat is writing this.

Hey! If you are reading this your hooman must be fascinated with those colorful square things too. At first I thought it was a toy for me but I soon realized it was not. My hooman likes to flick this box square thing. I just don’t get the fascination. My hooman let me smell it, it doesn’t smell good. No food comes from it and it doesn’t run or light up. Why my hooman cares about this I have no idea. It does make a funny noise when my hooman flicks it but that’s about it. I do not care for my human using the colorful square because she cannot pet me while she does it. I am much more important than any colorful square. I then try to remind my hooman of the more important things, like me. I do this by biting my hooman’s fingers or laying on her hands. How do I choose? If my human has appeased me with her behavior over the past week I do not bite her. If she has not appeased me – well lets just say she will stop flicking that square for sure. Most of the time laying on her hand works because she simply can not resist stopping to pet me because of how adorable I am. I recommend you do the same to your hooman and remind them of the more important things in life regularly. -Zoey

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