An Overview of CFOP

Above is a basic overview of how to solve a Rubik’s Cube using CFOP. CFOP stands for:






This step is mostly the same as the beginners method. It is done intuitively and it skips the daisy step. Every cross can be solve in 8 moves or less. Ideally the cross should take 10% of your time. Some cubers only solve the white cross, but others will solve any cross color. These people that will solve any cross color are called color neutral.


F2L stands for First Two Layers. This is the step of inserting the bottom corner and the adjacent edge piece in one step. There are four corner edge pairs you have to insert before you are done. Each pair is done in two steps, the first step is to pair it up and the second step is to insert into the correct slot. F2L should be the largest chunk of time in your solves. F2L is important to practice when wanting to improve your times.


OLL stands for Orient Last Layer. There are 57 cases of different combinations of orientations on the top. There is also something called 2-Look Oll which uses a series of two algorithms to orient the last layer and decreases the number of algorithms needed be memorized.


PLL stands for Permute Last Layer. This step puts everything in the top layer in the right place. There are 21 algorithms to do this in one step. There is also 2-Look PLL which uses a series of two algorithms to complete this step. This is the final step.

How can I get started learning CFOP?

First off, even if you already know how to solve the cube I would recommend learning how to solve it the way I teach in my How To Solve The Rubik’s Cube post. Especially, focus on learning how to solve the last layer like how I teach in my blog. Then I would look up some tutorials for intuitive F2L and practice that (I will hopefully be coming out with a tutorial for that soon). Then learn 2-Look OLL and PLL. Work on F2L efficiency then after that learn full PLL and OLL. Hopefully I will be able to write some tutorial posts. Follow me if you want to see that!

Thoughts? Write them in the comments below or feel free to email me at If you enjoyed be sure to give a like and remember to follow me!


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