An Overview of CFOP

Above is a basic overview of how to solve a Rubik's Cube using CFOP. CFOP stands for: Cross F2L OLL PLL Cross This step is mostly the same as the beginners method. It is done intuitively and it skips the daisy step. Every cross can be solve in 8 moves or less. Ideally the cross … Continue reading An Overview of CFOP


What is Speedcubing? -Speedcubing summarized in less than 70 words

Speedcubing is solving twisty puzzles as fast as possible. The most famous one being the Rubik's Cube. There is no time limit to be a speedcuber, which means that if you try to solve a Rubik's cube as fast as you can, you are a speedcuber. Even if it takes you 10 minutes. Many speedcubers … Continue reading What is Speedcubing? -Speedcubing summarized in less than 70 words

Choosing a Speedcube

There are many different things to consider when buying a speedcube. The first thing I wanna say is if you are serious about speedcubing please don't continue using your Rubik's brand. Definitely buy a speedcube before you try learning finger tricks. Some of the main points to consider when shopping for a cube are corner … Continue reading Choosing a Speedcube